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07-13-2015, 09:37 AM
I hope someone can help me to understand this mri reading. The neurologist called and said everything was normal with the mri scan. I felt relieved and happy and felt almost like my anxiety and symptoms were easing up.
I had had a bad migraine that caused my left arm and leg to feel numb. I was told to have mri so i did. Doctor said the results were normal.
I was given the results and read them, now I am so very anxious again and my symptoms are coming back. This is what has me worried:

Conclusion: No acute intracranial process. Mild degree of nonspecific
white matter disease. These findings have been reported in association
with migraine headaches. Other diagnostic considerations include mild
chronic small vessel ischemic changes, vasculitis, demyelinating
disease and Lyme disease.

Does this mean I have Lyme disease? And the other findings? I am a mess over this and wish I had just taken the doctors word that everything is ok.

My anxiety is now through the roof. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Thanks And can anxiety cause the numbness and feelings in the arm and leg? I guess its more a burning, anyway, Im sorry, for being such a mess, I hope someone understands.