View Full Version : Can this be IBS or something else

07-18-2015, 04:58 PM
Not sure what wrong here
I guess for about the last 9-10 months I have had some sort of stomach issue's. It started out with C-diff which I did take antobotics for and feel I did recover from that but ever since my hunger pains are almost non existing or very short lived. I also constatly have stomach discomfort and feel a little nausea at times. I also have spells were I have alot of small stools that have mucus it it or mucus in my diarrhea. I also get periods of times were it feels I have to poop constantly.

I have a colonoscopy, HIDA scan, and ultra scan of the gall bladder. I have not lost any weight to speak of and I have have a very stressful and year filled with any anxeity. Anyone got any suggestions?