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07-29-2015, 02:18 AM
I have battled from many types of OCD. The one I'm dealing with right now is confessing/guilt OCD. I've had issues with my girlfriend. I cheated in the past, I was struck with guilt and I just had to confess. But it wasn't regular guilt. It was the OCD guilt I'm certain. I had anxiety. I wasn't able to tell my girlfriend everything because of fear. But eventually I felt like I told her everything. There were a few details I thought I left out but I got used to it not bothering me because I know it was my OCD. So everything has been well since then. My anxiety has been gone, there has been nothing for me to feel afraid that I have to confess. But up until now, recently we had argued a lot, we were still together but I was working doing home cleaning service. I was at a customers home alone. I was in her room and I found some recently used (dirty underwear). I feel guilty about it, but I feel like I'm being very irrational about it. I asked my friend if I should confess it to her, but he says no. I guess that's some kind of reassurance. I'm not so afraid now, because overall I know it's my OCD, I just want advice on how to work around this intrusive thought. Like, I'm sure it's not a big deal to every man that I'm sure has done this as well while being Ina relationship . I know my girlfriend would not like for me to do those things. But I feel like that's something I should move on from and not let it get to me like it is. I love my girlfriend, I've put her through so much that this is just unnecessary. Please, does anyone has advice for me?