View Full Version : Relationship OCD - and I'm not even in a relationship

08-12-2015, 04:55 AM
I have met a girl whom I really like. I would have fallen in love with her, but for one thing: I am hung up on the blemishes on her face. They are only slight, but they trouble me deeply. I may not have got hung up on them if she hadn't mentioned them herself when we first met. We met by chance, and as we were chatting I told her she looks like my ex-girlfriend. To show her what I meant, I showed her some pictures of my ex. She noticed my ex had similar blemishes on one side of her face*, and said something like, "oh no, I've got blemishes!" So from the start of our acquaintance, they were brought verbally to my attention. I'm not certain, but if this hadn't happened, they may not have had such an impact on my mind. What I do know for sure is that they are stopping me falling in love with her.

She shows no signs of interest in me, but I can't help hoping that if we develop a relationship, her blemishes will lessen in significance. She has the most pleasant personality, too. She is interesting to talk to, and takes an interest in how I'm feeling. However, she is concerned about the age difference between us.

She has gained the impression that I am about 45; I'm actually 52 (I consider myself to be a young 52), but if she thinks I'm in my mid-40's, I don't want to correct her. She is 22, but whether I'm 45 or 52, the age difference doesn't matter to me. But it is all-important to her. She said when she is 40, I will be 65. She said she could be a widow at 50.

*I knew my relationship with my ex wouldn't be a deep and lasting one, so her blemishes didn't bother me.