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08-28-2015, 10:10 AM
First let me say that I hope some good conversations get started because it seems like there arenít a lot of new threads going up. When I joined years ago it seemed like there were at least 2 or 3 new threads a day, so Iím hoping more of you start some good threads.

I just wanted to share with everyone what I find useful in the hopes that youíll also find it useful to help with your OCD. However I know what works well for one doesnít work well for another and vice versa. Iíve picked up quite a few good self talk and CBT techniques over the years Iíve been a member, so I wanted to share my thoughts in the hopes that youíll also find these techniques useful as well. I can only speak in terms of pure O or intrusive thoughts since thatís the basis of my OCD, but I welcome thoughts and opinions on any type of OCD.

-Distractions like TV and video games work well, but sometimes they wind up backfiring in my face because my mind tends to wander during mundane or boring activities that donít require a lot of brain power (especially meetings at work where my mind tends to go off in its own direction).

-I tend to notice that if I donít eat or donít eat right or donít have enough sugar in my body that my OCD gets worse because of the lack of sugar and nutrition to my brain so I try to make sure I eat regularly. I try to stay away from caffeinated beverages.

-I take 10mg Zoloft daily and have been for 20+ years and thatís it. I know there tends to be a lot of discussion on the board about meds, which meds work, how well they work, etc, but I only take Zoloft to level me out and not as a cure for OCD. I subscribe to the belief that OCD is not purely ďchemicalĒ and that itís really a response to environmental stress and change.

-Obviously I go CBT every 3 weeks which has been extremely beneficial, and CBT has helped me to hone my self talk skills which have come in really handy. I find that self talk is one of the most beneficial tools I have in my arsenal against OCD.

-I work hard to maintain stability in my life and peace because as we all know, the worse your life is the worse your OCD can get. If I have problems, conflicts, issues, or anxieties, I talk to my family and friends about what Iím experiencing as a way for me to vent my frustrations with life and get those feelings out.

-I try my best to stay away from toxic emotions like anger, jealousy, rage, disappointment, and guilt because these emotions lead to feeling that Iím out of control, and feeling out of control leads to anxiety and OCD.

So what about you? What works well for you? :D