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09-06-2015, 11:06 AM
Hi Everybody,

I have joined this board to hopefully get some advice and support about an issue which, although probably minor to some, has been tormenting me for over a year now.

Just over a year ago I had to send my TV set away for repair and when I got it back I thought all was well until I suddenly began to have issues (which I know are in my mind) with the viewing position.

The way my room, furniture and cables are laid out makes it impossible for me to have it straight in front of me so it has always been placed at an angle and I just re-adjusted myself to watch but all of a sudden I couldn't seem to get it at a comfortable viewing position and instead of being able to concentrate on the show I was obsessing about the position being not quite right.

This obsession progressed as the months went on and I would literally be getting up every few minutes (or even seconds) and moving it to the left or to the right, often I would move it only centimeters but it would still look completely different to me, I know that I have probably had it in it's original position thousands of times over in the last year but this still didn't convince me and this would go on for hours until I was physically tired from doing this.

This has gone on for so long now that even the action of switching on the TV makes my heart race and the feeling of extreme discomfort whenever I try to watch anything eventually works me up into a state of panic and I have to switch it off again and lie down for half an hour until I can pluck up the courage to have another go.

Lately I have added a second monitor to my computer setup and as this also has to be placed at a slight angle I am already starting to feel the same unease as i have with the TV which makes me realise there is something more to it than just a mild phobia.

My cousin has been a diagnosed long term sufferer of OCD and seems to think that I may be starting with the same thing so I am hoping that somebody on this board can give me some mental exercises or advice to beat this thing.

I know it sounds minor to some people which is why I have felt silly about consulting a doctor but I work until 9pm at night and it used to be a real pleasure for me to curl up in front of the TV for a few hours in the evening and it was vital to helping me unwind (I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety which I take medication for) but I am now not relaxed at all unless I am asleep.

I know it's in my mind as I never used to have issues about the positioning of items but it seems all consuming to me and is making my free time when I get home from work an absolute misery.

Please help!

09-06-2015, 01:05 PM
You definitely sound as if you have OCD. You really need to be on some meds for that. Consult with a doctor or it may continue on with more than just the t.v.

09-06-2015, 06:53 PM

As I'm sure you can tell from reading some of my other posts I don't necessarily agree with Amygdala that the best thing you can do is throw medications at your OCD. I kind of have the same thing going on at times. I want everything in my house to be perfect from the color of the walls to the lighting in the house and I have to remind myself that nothing is perfect. As I'm sure you know people who have OCD tend to be perfectionists and very orderly but it's not about perfection it's more about distracting ourselves from the real reason we're having OCD symptoms. Our underlying issues, whatever they may be, cause us to feel out of control or uncomfortable and we use our obsessions to distract us from what's really going on. We manipulate and control things in our environment we can control because we are either trying to distract ourselves or we're trying to exert control over something because we don't feel in control.

It's not about your tv being in the perfect position or any other things you may obsess over. The best thing to do is speak with a licensed CBT who specializes in OCD and anxiety disorders so you can figure out the real reasons behind your OCD. Once you can put your finger on where the real issues lie, you'll notice a decrease in your anxiety. If your CBT thinks you need medications they can work in conjunction with your PCP or a psychiatrist (if they have one on staff) that will start you off on a light dose of medication.

Many times when I read the message boards it's hard to tell what types of conflicts are really going on in someone's life that drive the anxiety and OCD. The threads all seem to be the same: 1. Here are my symptoms and my obsessions 2. Response: Go get medication. OCD is not that simple and it never has been. If medication cured OCD then none of us would be here.

Most people with OCD tend to focus on the symptoms/obsessions and just want them to go away (which is totally 100% understandable), and they will with a good combination of CBT and medication, but remember that "symptoms" are indeed "symptoms" and proof of an underlying issue. If you have a broken bone you'll have swelling, bruising, pain, discomfort, but these are all symptoms of an underlying issue. Unless you actually "fix" your broken bone, you're going to continue to experience these uncomfortable symptoms, and that's what CBT helps you to understand.