View Full Version : unidentified rash on back

09-09-2015, 05:05 AM
I'm a 59yr white male who over last 2yrs has unsuccessfully been treating a rash on the back and shoulder area. Never goes away and it appears in several sections. A biopsy over 1 1/2 yr ago says "perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate", "spongiosis and fungal hyphae".

I have seen 3 dermatologist. The 1st did the biopsy and prescribed a topical. The second read the biopsy report and prescribed a different topical and blamed it on the heat. The third has prescribed an oral. When that did not clear it has now prescribed a topical for eczema. Still nothing has cleared it.

So I've been treated for fungal, contact dermatitis and eczema.
I plan on contacting the dr. and asking for another biopsy. In the mean time does anyone know if this could be an early stage T cell lymphoma issue? I have read that it is hard to diagnosis in the early stages.

medication list:
topical - lamisil, lotrimin, econazole 1%, luzu 1%, ketoconazole 2% and halog 1%
shampoo - head/shoulders clinical, ketoconazole
oral - ketoconazole 200mg...twice within 30 days