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C weir
09-09-2015, 08:22 PM
Last year I was a health and active 43 year old. I woke up last July to the symptoms or the flu and an ear infection but believed it to be much worse.
Along with those symptoms I had terrible vertigo, confusion, dizziness, and slurred speech.
I also had numbness and tingling in my scalp and cheek, blurred vision, seeing spots and shapes and dry mouth, tasteless food. All on my right side only.
I would have good days that lasted a few weeks but this would bowl me over ever time getting worse and staying longer, giving me less good days.
Now 14 months later I'm bed ridden for 3 weeks, in emerg 2 times.(6-8 times in total) I now have sinus problems and my lips, neck and face are slightly swollen on my right side. In addition I have a cough and sore throat with pain in my neck, throat , jaw and deep in my ear.
My doctor has given up on me saying its psychological and everyone who has seen me multiple times now are just diagnosing me with Meneires. I don't doubt that this disease exists but my symptoms in total don't fit the disease. And I refuse to accept a label that I have no way of recovering from because doctors refuse to send me for tests to find the cause of my illness.
Any thoughts, guidance, suggestions, heard of this? Any suggestions gives me something to pose to my new doctor who is willing to find an answer.

Prairie Fairie
09-10-2015, 05:17 PM
Sorry to hear you're experiencing a trying time with your health. I looked up the symptoms for when to see a doctor and it did indicate a lot of the symptoms you mentioned, except I didn't notice swelling. Is it possible you have become allergic to something you would normally be good with? I'm certainly no expert on this particular ailment, but if the diagnosis fits most of you symptoms and not all, yet the doctors are in agreement, it's possible that you need to push for further analysis on the other symptoms. Our bodies are constantly changing, but the changes are so subtle for us not to notice too much.

Another thing I was wondering was, is it possible you've been suffering migraines. The don't cause swelling, but classic migraine can cause spots in front of the eyes, pounding headaches, numbness and weakness.

Please follow up with your doctor or specialist. The best way to phrase things is not to be defensive, or combative (some docs and specialists can have a god complex) "So you've told me I have this, but is it possible something else is going on that explains the other symptoms?" You're not telling them they're wrong, you're asking them to look at the other symptoms and explore the possibility that it's not just one thing. You know your body, even if the doctors know how the parts inside are supposed to function and the names for the diseases and disorders when they don't work right or present with various symptoms. You know what is normal and what is not. It is up to you to really implore them to look at possibilities. It's frustrating as heck, I know. Some doctors and specialists are great and some not so wonderful.

C weir
09-10-2015, 06:31 PM
I have seen an irodologist and she told me something I never told her about my health. I have been having excess bile from diarrhea and throwing up for months now and she told me that this is affecting my gallbladder and my liver. She also told me that it's an acute virus that can't be detected by standard blood work. That's why I'm pushing for something other than Meneire's. Also I am gradually getting worse from this and now have the swelling and sore neck and throat, again only on the right side. I have intense migraines and everyday I have headaches, again only on the right side. Meneire's affects both sides. No swelling, no gallbladder and liver problems. Temporary relief can only come from an anti-inflammatory. thank you very much for replying. And I just want to further mention that the vertigo was a few days when I first got sick and not it's back 14 months later. Meneire's is everyday or there abouts vertigo.