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09-10-2015, 02:05 PM

Let me begin with saying how terrified I am right now so I may be over reacting and jumping to conclusions, but I'd rather be safe then sorry.

Exactly 9 days ago I discovered a hard/rubbery painful lump underneath my left arm pit and another on my left bicep. That night I came down with a fever of 101. The next day I decided to go to the doctor because I feel it's best to not wait anything out. They did a blood test and everything came back normal and they informed me they believe it's just a viral infection and they wanted to wait things out.

Two days pass and I still have a fever, headache, night sweats (drenched) and painful lymph nodes. I let another day pass and things seem to be getting worse. I decide to go to the ER for a follow up. They conduct the same test (blood work and also an X-ray of my chest). They tell me everything looks fine and I need to wait it out.

Fast forward to a couple days ago and I develop a new symptom, loss of appetite. Weird thing is, my fever seems to be under control and headache is gone, but I have no desire to eat.

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment from my first visit and they tell me that I still shouldn't worry. If my lymph nodes are painful it's unlikely it's cancer. They then schedule me for a possibly biopsy just to be sure.

It's now day 9 and my lymph nodes are still swollen and painful. I have a low grade fever, minimal night sweats, feeling quite fatigued and little appetite. I feel if it's a viral infection things would have been much better by now.

I guess I'm reaching out to know if anyone else has had this experience? It seems my symptoms are getting better but also developing new ones. I'm just wondering if my body is getting some what immune to it? I know this all sounds crazy, but I'm completely terrified.

I'm quite the hypochondriac and I'm hoping this isn't anything too serious. If anyone has had a similar experience I'd love to hear about it.


09-11-2015, 09:31 AM
Welcome to the boards. First, it is important to find out what kind of blood tests were done. Also, how big is the node under your arm? There are nodes in the crook of the elbow, but not over the biceps, so that lump is? according to your Dr? There are a few infections that can present with symptoms like yours, that last longer than most passing viruses-namely mono, CMV (mono-like), cat scratch fever. Painful nodes do usually indicate infection of some sort. I think tests for the mentioned infections should be done, and be sure to mention to Dr. if you have had any cat exposure with scratches or bites. I understand your concerns, for sure, but infection is more likely than lymphoma, and it would be nice to have some documentation via blood work that that is what it is. Node biopsies are usually done when nodes have been enlarged a month or more, are very large or immovable/matted feeling. Sometimes ultrasounds are helpful to see the texture and size of nodes in a given area. I would bet you just had a complete blood count and no specific tests for viruses or cat scratch fever. I would ask for those for your peace of mind.