View Full Version : Chest Fasciculations on left side

09-21-2015, 01:59 AM
Hi !
I've got this disturbing chest twitching which was described as 'fasciculation' by the medical people. Actually, I have had this twitching first on my eyelids, lower back, legs and now on left side of my chest. First, I was worried because I thought that it affects the heart ! Now, I've met some people over the Net that have had the same problem. I have known that if I've got heart disease, this will cause me to got dizzy, faint, or has exercise intolerance. But I've got nothing of these, only painless annoying twitches on the right chest. If I never think of it, it is lesser though. What do you think. Additionally, I'm having some twitchest on my lower back now wow! Seems they're massaging my whole body ha ha ha.