View Full Version : Hard, painless lump under mastoid process

09-29-2015, 07:49 AM
Good morning everyone,

I have been watching a lump on my neck for a few weeks now. It has been there for over a years as I have noticed it on and off but recently started really paying attention due to generally feeling tired all of time and having drenching night sweats on and off for a while now.
The lump is located under my ear just to the right of the curve of my jaw. I can feel the mastoid process clearly and the lump begins just under it and seems to be linear/oval shaped and continues to under my jaw. I can feel the outline of it pretty clearly. It is very hard. Just as hard as the mastoid process, causes no pain and does not move. When I try to measure (in my non medicinal background of course) I can place 2 almost 3 fingertips and feel it all along. So it seems quite large to me. It doesn't move at all. I can also feel a moveable node on top of it so I assume that is the lymph node in that area.

I have gone to my GP and they took an x-ray thinking it was a prominent mastoid process (that came back normal) and now I am waiting on a CBC and blood work to try to address the night sweat issues I am having as well. He is doing a thyroid blood test.
Would an ENT be a better start? Anyone have anything like this before? Any ideas?