View Full Version : Blood clot?

10-01-2015, 07:35 PM
Ive had a really horrible pain behind my rib cage on my left side and I ended up seeing my GP, she worried and sent me to hospital where I had a blood test, an xray, an ECG and a few other tests. They concluded they couldnt find any clots on the xray or symptoms in my blood and said I had pleurisy and was "low risk" for a clot. This seemed fine at the time but after researching it I found it says something like flu/chest infection or a blood clot causes this, I havent had either flu or a chest infection in years. I've read horror story after horror story of people who had the same symptoms, were told the results showed nothing and died a week later. Im really worried and I feel like something isn't right.
At hospital I felt a little like they didnt believe how much pain I was in. I looked tonight and I have varicose veins around the area which I havent noticed until now, not sure if this is a connection?
So should I just wait it out or go back to the doctors? Can anyone help me?