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10-03-2015, 07:34 PM
First off thanks for reading my rant. My wife has been an addict for around 4 years now. She has been in and out of several different rehab clinics. For the longest time it was more me trying to get her clean than her. I now see a change in her and she is finally fighting for it as well. The health care world in my opinion is filled with a bunch of people that don't understand addiction and are in it for selfish reasons. 1st off is the clinics near me. My wife was using over a gram of H a day. The clinics take her in gladly for the insurance money and wean her down to nothing within 7 days before kicking her out to a dr on the street to prescribe 16 mg of sub a day. Twice that has failed because my wife wasn't strong enough to make it before the dr appointment. The other is the dr's. The previous dr was a family dr that took insurance for everything except for sub treatment. The doctor would charge $350 on the first visit and $250 every 2 weeks. Then on top of that was charging my insurance for the visit. We had to find a new doctor because it was too expensive as well as the doctor changed my wife's prescription to a new drug he was supporting. My wifes health shouldn't be dependent on his kickbacks from the drug companies. So we switched drs. The new one seemed fine at first. First visit $350 then $225 every 3 weeks. A little cheaper. But this dr dropped my wife mg per day to 12 mg and said that we would need to purchase the rest from his office. We can't afford that! My wife recently relapsed and went back to the clinic. She decided that she wanted to get the shot this time. She spoke to the dr about it. They kept her for 10 days and she was to go to PHP after release for 3 days then would get the shot. The day before her release she found out that the drug the dr had been given her to help ease the withdrawal which was tramadol wouldn't allow her to take the shot without being clean from it as well. So we decided to go back to the sub dr. He dropped it to 4 mg a day and by the way purchase the rest. She is fighting hard to stay clean. We have a new dr appointment on Tuesday, hoping things change. Very frustrated with the system. It is hard enough for her to fight this addiction on her own, without these money hungry doctors that want to take advantage of a broken system. Not taking insurance should be illegal.

10-24-2015, 11:04 PM
My boyfriend was trying to get clean and is now drowning in medical bills as well. Says he can't afford treatment and instead steals almost 40$ a day from my purse or account to go get high. I wish you the best in your recoveries. I wish he had the strength to try as hard as you two. I'm lost.