View Full Version : Had a mole biopsy, waiting for results and SCARED

11-03-2015, 08:13 AM
4 days ago, my boyfriend pointed out to a mole on my lower back with a dark brown center. The mole was asymmetrical about 6x8mm and the dark spot no more than 2-3mm. I dug out my older pics and that mole was there for a few years at least, but the resolution wasn't good enough to see if the dark spot was there or not. I read that it could either be an abnormal mole, or melanoma arising from an old mole. So I went to a dermatologist as soon as they could get me in and had it cut out. The doc did say that it looked like an abnormal mole but she wasn't sure obviously, that's why she did a biopsy. Now I have to wait for 1-3 weeks until the results come back, and the wait is killing me. I cannot think about anything else, can't work. All I do is research on the internet. I am convinced that I have a stage 4 melanoma :-(

I do have a history of health anxiety and have "self diagnosed" with cancers and other conditions before, but every time something like this happens, it seems it becomes more and more disabling. It is interfering with my life big time. I have two young kids and a full time job, and this sort of thing is really getting in the way of me doing what I have to do and enjoying life. I just wanted to see if anyone is in the same boat and what did you do about it (both mole testing and anxiety). Thanks in advance!

01-05-2016, 12:43 AM
Oh yeh, that's me! But the bad thing is, knowing that I tend to worry, makes me purposefully NOT worry when maybe I should. Have you heard results yet? Sorry I can't see date of your post now that I'm replying.