View Full Version : Chronic swelling in salivary glands

11-06-2015, 07:42 AM
Just looking for some feedback. My symptoms started in 2003 with a very enlarged parotid gland. Saw and ENT who suggested superficial parotidectomy. Had the procedure which went well. Biopsy didnt show anything sinister. I don't think there was really a lump, just very enlarged. Around 2006 I began to experience swelling on the same side of my face in glands and pain along with it that isn't constant but comes and goes. I returned to the ENT clinic and the doc that did my surgery no longer there. Saw a different doc and she shrugged it off and said its just facial asyemetry..umm what? So I went to a different ENT clnic. HE said he could feel the tissue seemed different, no palpable lump, but squishy. So I had a CT scan which showed no abnormalities, and he also did FNA of several areas. All came back good. Blood work all normal. He felt this could be scar tissue from the surgery and possibly nerve damage. I put it out of my head and have been living with slightly swollen right side of my face ever since. But it seems lately the discomfort and burning pain come and go more frequently. I have scheduled a visit with a new ENT this monday. Could it be sjorens with just salivary gland involvement? The only other strange this is I had 3 cavities this year which is strange. My dentist even questioned if I drink alot of sugar drinks or eat alot of candy...which I dont do either. But I dont have dry mouth. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? I cant feel any sort of lumps, it just feels sore and swollen.

09-12-2016, 02:42 AM
I think if it's just salivary glands now you may be in for Skogren's in the future. I had the chronic parotid salidenitis in 2004. I had no other symptoms till 5 years later ( dry mouth and eyes, peripheral neuropathy, edophagitis, etc..