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12-13-2015, 10:14 AM
wondering if I possibly have IBS? I have had some issues with increased farting - which is usually silent but stinks to high heaven. its so embarrassing. started last spring when we were living with my in laws while we were working on our new house and it was a very stressful time. I do not remember having any issues during the summer when I was relaxed and on vacation for most of the summer. Now we are living in our new house and although I don't feel as stressed - my husband and I do fight a lot which can cause me to feel upset. I noticed my gas was back around a month or so ago. I have always had normal bowel movements. my menstrual cycle has been a bit off - with midcycle spotting and more cramping and heavier flow on the first day - with this last month being especially bad. then a week later my husband and I had sex and I have bleeding after. like a lot. I went to the dr and he saw a blood vessel with a cut on it. he did a pap and cultures and I am still waiting. im terrified I have cancer. either cervical or ovarian. since then my stomach does hurt. I have not had as much gas in the past few days and have not had any bowel movements at all. my stomach feels hard which is making my mind think cancer. but could it all just be IBS???? when I was in college (20 years ago!) I was told I had IBS due to anxiety. since then I have been dx with GAD and panic disorder. I take meds for it. I haven't had any IBS symptoms till recently. anyway please help!

12-16-2015, 06:45 AM
No one can tell you if you have IBS. IBS is a condition diagnosed through a process of elimination via tests, not one that can be given over the internet by a group of people with zero medical experience.

Foul gas can be due to a number of things - bad bacteria in the small gut, pancreas issues, malabsorption problems, food intolerances, gallbladder and so on.

Take a food diary and see if you can pin any food culprits down. I was getting very similar symptoms with foul gas and discomfort and I've had lots of tests - MRI, CT, US, ERCP, Celiac tests and so on and everything has come back normal. No doubt after the next batch of tests I will get diagnosed with IBS because that's what they usually do when nothing untoward shows up.

I know my foul wind is made worse by milk chocolate, pizzas, coffee and some greasy foods. Changed my diet and now I have little or no foul gas unless i eat one of the above.

Also, it depends on what you mean by stomach. Your stomach is located just below your ribs or around that area. Further down (colon etc) it's not uncommon to feel distended (hard) when you're constipated and full of gas. The reason for mentioning this is a lot of people say their stomach when talking about their lower abdomen in general.