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12-17-2015, 04:21 AM
Hello, Firstly, thanks for listening to my story. Have always had higher than average numbers, but never this high.

Female 58. Height 5'6. Weight 170

Most recent:

Total 378 ( <213

Tri. 124 ( <159

HDL. 61.8

LDL. 293.8. (<135

BP 110/70

Mum died at 85 from hospital infection after an ulcer operation. Was on meds for high chol. Dad died at 90 was on a blood thinner no high chol. Siblings high chol. No heart disease, but three male siblings have had cancer. Two died from it - (48 years (from previous radiation treatments) and 61 years of age (from colon cancer). Living sibling had prostate cancer. Female siblings high chol.

Naturally doc freaked. Opposed to meds as I was on meds for years dignosed with bipolar which turns out I do not have. Just past depression but nothing for years. Meds packed the pounds on and really took away my quality of life and don't want the issues with statins. Just here to commit to a low ft diet with exercise every day. Having been walking to and from work at new job which equals 5 miles. Now going to attempt major diet change. Going back to veg low fat diet from younger days where I was fit, thin (122) and energetic, with total cholesterol numbers around 230. 230 looks pretty good from here. Going to add 2000mg sterols and 2000 fish oils. Need to look for red rice. Will follow up and see. If if doesn't make a diff I can get a cardio angiogram done and see if any plaque build up. Doctor says high numbers totally unrelated to my diet. Says it is family history kind, although she has never discussed my diet with me! Supportive advice appreciated.

12-18-2015, 03:46 AM
It would definitely appear to be genetic. If it is then all the dieting and exercise in the world won't substantially lower it. But I would certainly give it a try. Just as an FYI, I've had a couple of friends have success on statins with noside effects by taking them Mon, Wed, Fri. If it turns out that your program doesn't work, you might keep that in mind.

12-18-2015, 03:57 AM
Thank you. I guess I feel like I need to try before trying meds. I have developed some poor eating habits. Also, grandparents - 3 out of 4 made it past 70 years with no heart diseased deaths .One died young from cancer.

Thank you for the alternate day advice. Much appreciated.