View Full Version : Loose stools from 12 years Please help

12-31-2015, 02:22 AM

I am suffering with loose stool problem from 12 year.
I feel dead after going toilet only one time a day.
This problem has ruined my young age. I spent my young age like old age. I feel extreme weakness after passing stool. In last 12 year I never seen well formed stool.
Many medical test i gone thru are normal. Doctor finally says its stress but i am not agree with them. i know myself. i am a jolly guy.

Please help if anybody have cured such problem.


02-04-2016, 03:24 PM
Hi. I myself have had ibs, since I was 14. I am now 32. I also had/have the diarrhea kind. I'd be sick once every few days or even the day after it happened and feel miserable. I did notice after expelling my guts out Id feel weak and just horrible. I tried glucose pills to help with the weakness. My sugar would go down because there was nothing left in me and I'm not diabetic. As for the loose stools I quit drinking milk, that did help a little. Do u have severe pain? The doctor put me on amitriptyline when I was 16. It helped with the nerve endings in my bowel and I wasn't running to the bathroom so much. It saved my life because I was so depressed. Also they have a new medication out for patients with ibs and diarrhea. I saw a commercial the other day. Stress does make it worse but I doubt it's completely controlling everything. Switch doctors, I did, twice and now I live a decent life with my stomach. Good luck I really know where you are coming from.