View Full Version : Possible Lymphoma

01-14-2016, 08:28 AM
Hi there about 4 years ago i developed a swollen lymph node behind my ear, i knew it was swollen as the other one behind my left ear isnt as big, its not huge but you can feel it, and it is slightly hard and slightly movable but as far as i can remember ive never had a squishy node. Anyway i made an appointment and went to my local GP and asked him about my node he said it didnt feel abnormally large compared to some lymph nodes he had felt and that i shouldnt worry. He took a blood test and everything was fine. He also asked me if i had came in because i had searched up swollen lymph nodes on the internet to which i replied saying yes and he said i shouldnt as naturally things like lymphoma diseases come up and i would worry about them but i shouldnt. Anyway, its been 4 years since then and i have never worried about it since until recently i felt the the node and i have always been aware that it is there and i know its swollen so i decided to search up "lymph node behind ear for years" which left me with the symptoms of lymphoma saying that lymphoma can be present if a lymph node stays for a prolonged period of time without pain. Straight away i have started to panick and i now think i have an enlarged spleen as i have just recently experienced some pain in my left shoulder and chest which has came and went and if this is the case i have seen that a swollen spleen is a symptom of lymphoma! I am very worried, i naturally always worry about health problems and always search up symptoms online but i am just mega worried as to why i have had a slightly swollen lymph node behind my ear for 4 years?!!!