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01-14-2016, 03:26 PM
I just had a head, cervical and lumbar MRI for neck, head, shoulders, right arm and right side lower back pain and am looking for help in understanding the technical/medical translation of it. Any help would be appreciated. Here goes
Cervical Spine without contrast
Findings:Height, alignment and marrow signal intensity of cervical vertebral bodies is normal. Craniocervical junction relationship normal. Flow voids are seen in both vertebral arteries. There is no perivertebral soft tissue swelling.
C2-3 Normal
C3-4 There is a right central disc protusion effacing the ventral thecal sac causing some minimal ventral cord flattening but no frank cord compression or intrinsic cord signal abnormality. Neural foramina are widely patent.
C4-5 Mild broad-based disc bulging without significant central or foraminal narrowing
C5-6 Moderate to severe right foraminal narrowing caused by uncinate spurs.
Posterior osteophytic ridging also partially effaces the ventral thecal sac causing mild central narrowing
C6-7 Normal
C7-T1 Normal
1.Right central disc protrusion C3-4 causing mild central narrowing and ventral cord flattening
2. Moderate to Severe right foraminal narrowing C5-6 cause by uncinate Spurs

Lumbar Spine with contrast:
Findings: Height, alignment and marrow signal intensity lumbar vertebral bodies is normal. Conus ends at T12. No pre vertebral soft tissue swelling or mass.
T12-L1 Normal
L1-2 Normal
L2-3 There is a right foraminal disc protrusion or but little impact on the exiting right
L2 root No central or left foraminal narrowing
L3-4 Normal
L4-5 25% disc height loss. No central or foraminal narrowing
L5-S1 Normal. Tarlov cyst is present on the right at S2 level
Small right foraminal disc protrusion at L2-3 without significant impingement on the exiting right L2 root
No other findings to account for radiculopathy

01-15-2016, 06:19 PM
Welcome to the board. You spent a long time in that tube if you had the MRIs all the same day!

Could you be more specific in describing your back pain? Do you have leg pain? If so, where? Does it run into the foot?

Are you seeing a spine specialist? This can be either an orthopedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon whose practice is limited to the neck and back.

I will try to help you understand the report after I hear your responses.