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01-28-2016, 02:44 PM
I have always had OCD in one form or another since I was a teenager. Right now, I am having a strange compulsion that is new to me. In the last week I have applied online for over 20 credit cards. My credit is very poor, but for some reason I keep applying. I have not told my therapist about this, because she is more concerned with my delusions regarding the health of my son (I have panic attacks regarding SIDS, and I felt for sure he was deaf at one time.). I am on Lexapro, but it hasn't stopped me from applying for tons of credit cards. I almost applied for one in my husband's name but he came home from work before I could finish. I have been approved for 5 store cards and 2 regular cards, but I still keep applying damaging my credit even more.
Does anyone else have this problem, and if so, how did you stop?