View Full Version : Scared for my father, Surgical Biopsy scheduled to check to rule out Hodgkins

02-07-2016, 05:20 PM
My father is 61 Years old and he is currently on Blood Thinners because they found a clot in his brain about 12 years ago. He is also diabetic and has Thyroid issues.

About a month ago, my mother came down with a bad case of sore throat where she could not speak at all. It went away about a week after. Then 2 weeks later, my father got the same. But this time, my mother noticed a bulging painless lump on the left side of the neck, where the neck meets the shoulder. We rushed him to the doctor who did a CBC, X Ray of the Chest and a FNAC test. The CBC and the X Ray came out okay but the FNAC result was inconclusive and said they found atypical cells in the test.

They are now doing a surgical biopsy to remove part of the lymph node to check for Hodgkin's lymphoma. Does anyone have any experience with this and has come out of it with out the cancer?

Please please let me know