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03-08-2016, 04:25 AM
Alright, I'm here hoping someone could help me out? I cant be alone with this issue. Almost a month ago I decided I wanted to start wearing makeup. I'm in my 30s and never really bothered. So I went to my local Ulta but didn't care for what they tried on me. So I returned it. A couple days later I went to my local bare minerals store and absolutely loved the product. I purchased a kit (foundation, bronzer, under eye lightener, veil) that was close to $100 plus a brush cleaner. I kept putting the make up on in the morning for the next 2 days. 3rd day I felt my face sort of....hot so I did not use it. 4th day I put the make up on and realized its not really working my face was super red. I thought ehh maybe my shower was too hot? Next day all hell broke loose. sore, red & inflamed face. Had this itchy/crawly feeling all over and my face and neck is completely broken out in some pink, some red pimples and such. I obviously returned the product after doing research and sure enough others have had the same issues dating all the way back to about 2006! I have seen my dermatologist. I am on topical and oral steroids. Only thing that helped with was inflammation and itch. Now I'm stuck with my skin completely broken out. I am also taking Zyrtec. I just saw her again yesterday and she gave me a topical antifungal but so far nothing is ridding the break out....Also my skin is just pouring out oil all day long. I emailed the company in hopes they could possibly help but I doubt it...someone please help :(

03-09-2016, 04:14 AM
All I can tell you is that I too, am allergic to ALL mineral makeup. I tried bare minerals ten years ago when it first hit the shelves and broke out like crazy. I tired it again after my skin cleared up and wound up with swollen eyes and itchy skin and red blotches.

Almost all mineral makeup contains zinc, talc and of course the minerals it is made with and a huge amount of the population is allergic to one or more of these ingrediants.

Now, when I buy makeup, I stay away from anything that isnt all natural.

If you really want to try a makeup with minimum ingrediants, try Clinique, which is made for sensitive skin, but let the girl at the counter know you are allergic to mineral makeup. They have a line with minerals in it as well.

Sorry you had this happen to you...but it will clear up eventually.