View Full Version : seborrheic keratosis on face

03-10-2016, 11:46 AM
I am 59 yrs. old been dealing with some basal cell issues - but I had a place under my bottom eyelid toward my nose - I was really getting self conscious of it - but the dermatologist said it was just an "old age spot" - well anyway last Thursday - finally got enough courage up to go get it frozen - did have some puffy eyelid for a couple of days - but as of today it's still there - I wear contacts but have had my glasses on since it was done - because now it is so much more noticeable - seems darker some and maybe bigger - but I'm now getting concerned that' s the freezing didn't work on it! I called back yesterday they said give it 2 weeks! I hate going around like this and the place it's in is hard to put a band aid on it....It never did blister up - it just looks yucky!!!!