View Full Version : Worried?

04-03-2016, 01:07 PM
I have several large non painful lumps in my armpit. Also large lump above clavicle on same side that has been there for years but has recently became very firm. I went for a mammogram and they did an ultrasound on the armpit. But as the Dr. had not mentioned the clavicle lump they would not look at it. Last year I became very ill with a weird respiratory thing that lasted for months before going away. I have had debilitating fatigue for several months now and night sweats. However I am 54 and postmenopausal. I am also having severe joint pain in my hips, so bad I can hardly walk sometimes. I also am now frequently constipated that is unusual for me. I had a slight elevation in my white blood cell count a few months ago.
The mammogram came back normal. The radiologist said he didnít feel the lumps needed further investigation. My doctor has ordered biopsies.
I donít want to waste anyoneís time but I am a bit worried.