View Full Version : I need help. I don't know what is wrong

04-28-2016, 10:42 PM
So it all started december 2015 after christmas in which i think i got food poisoning. I cant stop vomiting and going to the toilet with loose stool.
I was in hospital for 2 nights and have gastroscopy. Run h. Pylori test a lot of times that came back negative.
After a series of antibiotics, the nightmare begins in which i experienced constipation.
I still have bm everday but it is very hard stools (sorry).
Then the haemorrhoid occurs (bleeding and pain while having bm). I had it for years but only cause problem a few times. But this times it seems it is not going away. I will have normal bm for days and back to hard stools.
Its like a cycle and im stressing out.
Ive tried increasing my fiber and water intake and it only last for days too then back to hard stools.
Now my diet consist of porridge, clear tofu soup, fruits (papaya, melon, watermelon).
I think im going crazy because i can't live and eat normal anymore.
I had gastroscopy and colonoscopy 3 weeks ago and the test result said i had sliding hernie oesophagus and gastricitis, and they found inflammation in my colon and gastric which also shows from the biopsy. The doctor didnt know what bacteria or virus that cause it.
They only gave me antibiotics and gastric meds for it.
Now im on my gastric meds of pariet and rhodium for my haemorrhoid.
2 weeks ago to make matter worse i got typhoid fever in which cause further constipation. Probiotics (rilus), Lactulax or glucose syrup, laxoberon for laxatives does not work anymore.
After i got over the fever and the constipation subside, it came back few days ago. And i feel sharp pain around my buttho*e (sorry for the language). Im not sure if it is fissure or my haemorrhoid. Now everytime i pee i can feel sharp pain there too.
I don't know what to do and i'm getting frustrated because im afraid to go to the toilet everytime.
Im sorry in advance if i post in wrong thread. Im just not sure what do i have.
And im desperate for help and answers.