View Full Version : Weird gastrointestinal issue with bloating, having to sit in a curled up position?

05-24-2016, 07:49 PM
Hi everyone, sorry for the vague title, I'm just not really sure how to describe this issue. So here's the dilemma I've been facing: over the past couple months I've gotten into the habit of sitting to where I have my knees bent to my chest. I'm honestly not sure why/when I started sitting this way. I do this most often when/after I eat or if I'm feeling bloated. I've found that the common solutions to help with bloating - walking, etc. - actually make my bloating worse rather than better. If I'm getting bloated, my best options are to sit like that or sometimes use a heating pad. I don't know if this is mainly mental or if there's something up with how my digestive system works? About a year ago I struggled a lot with anxiety/depression and ended up losing a lot of weight because of it, and I have been working on gaining that weight back. I tend to relate this bloating issue to my attempts to regain weight from being underweight (I'm 5'5", average weight is generally ~100-105, I got down to ~85-90 before realizing the danger I was in). I've been to my doctor and gastro, I've had an endoscopy and CT scan, nothing seems to be wrong.
Has anyone else had an issue like this? Or have any idea how to stop it? I know this may sound odd, and I would be happy to try to explain it better if anyone has any questions about it.