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06-01-2016, 09:54 AM
Found this site because I have been browsing the internet looking for guidance. This is my first post, please forgive me. I am terrified about a mole I have on my chest, just above my right breast area. I followed up with my primary care physician yesterday, and he is scheduling me to see an Dermatoligist. This has me worried. He didn't think it quite resembled melanoma, but wasn't sure. He thinks it might be Dysplastic Nevi. Here is an image:


Another thing I might add, which is the scariest part. I have been having neck and shoulder pains for a few weeks now. I thought it was because I slept on my shoulder wrong (as I did in fact wake up one time with my shoulder asleep), but I have read a few stories where Melanoma hits the lymph nodes and causes this sort of pain. It is on the right side, as is this mole.

My primary care physician did not seem to indicate the two were related. He thinks the neck and shoulder issue might be muscular. Though a dose of Flexiril did not help any.

11-11-2016, 11:38 AM
Was it Melanoma?