View Full Version : Pregnancy OCD

06-02-2016, 09:52 AM
Hi All-

I was wondering if any men out there have serious anxiety and struggle with obsessing over their girlfriends/wives getting pregnant to the point where you can't even have sex anymore? I'm 40 years old and have no children and at this point I'm not planning on having any, but I know she wants to and that sends the anxious thoughts racing through my mind.

Any time we have intercourse I wind up being a total disaster until she gets her period, even though she is on birth control and even though I know she is on birth control, and even though the birth control works fine. Just the thought of her getting pregnant sends my anxiety from a baseline of 5 all the way to 90 (out of 100).

Then the intrusive thoughts pop into my mind....she wants a child and stopped her birth control on purpose. She's just telling you she is on birth control so you don't have an anxiety attack. Birth control is only 99% effective. Accidents happen. If she did get pregnant your entire life will change. And the absolute worst...she will tell you that you have to get rid of all your cats. Just that thought sends terror through my mind and body.

Does anyone else have these fears or anxities? I'm going through this right now....