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06-16-2016, 04:24 PM
I have been experiencing some scary and unexplained pain, and while I was browsing the internet, I came across this site. I had been reading for a few minutes when suddenly a full page pornographic ad appeared on my phone. I didn't click anything on the screen and hit the back button a couple times, and up came another ad that was even worse. This happened several times before I was able to finally close the tab out completely. I do not think you would deliberately set up such a link, so I have signed on to let you know that this happened to me and hopefully you can find the problem and remove it. I will be looking for health solutions elsewhere, but there are no hard feelings.

06-17-2016, 07:33 AM

That attack is did not come from healthboards.com.

As soon as you can, get a technician to clean up and add internet protection to your phone.