View Full Version : Son diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease

06-30-2016, 01:16 PM
My adult son, who is 31, has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. I am on the board trying to find the best way to support him. Although I know this can be curable and it is obvious it was found early on because he does not have any other symptoms other than the swollen lymph nodes in the neck area, I am beyond upset- but want to keep everything positive for him. He had a biological brother who died suddenly as a child from sudden cardiac arrest with no known cause so this adds a layer to his father and my concern. We do not have any history of this in our family and we find everything surreal.
We do not have staging yet- he will need to see the oncologist. He had a needle biopsy which was negative and then an excisional biopsy which provided the diagnosis.