View Full Version : Gastroenteritis, Helico or something else?

07-03-2016, 11:02 AM
I've always had a bit of a sensitive stomach but 3 weeks ago i started feeling like i have a mild cold (mild headache and warmth) along with a sore throat. On top of that, i had morning diarrhea and an upset stomach and constant gas. I also felt pretty tired and my body ached a bit

However, i didnt really feel like throwing up, in fact i have had a pretty basic appetite, no acid refluxes and definitely not any blood coming out of anywhere.

I went to one doctor and after feeling my stomach and doing some blood tests (which came back normal) she suspected some kind of stomach virus (like Adenovirus) and nothing alarming..

I went to a second doctor too and he basically said the same thing and my blood tests came back great. He prescribed me Precosa to help with the stomach and my cold got better during the 2 weeks. After 1week of taking the drug i felt better for a couple of days but now during the past few days (about 3 weeks after my initial symptoms started) some of the symptoms came back (gas, a bit diarrhea, warmth, and mild bloating / pinching around the stomach).

The symptoms are worse in the mornings and after some meals and they ebb and flow.

Im pretty worried tho.. Ive gone through all options from IBS to viruses to even cancer but i dont know.. It seems likely it could be a virus though..

What do you think?

07-03-2016, 02:14 PM
Mild Gastritis?

I had Gastritis of the stomach and Duodenum
Symptoms were bloating, nausea, gnawing pains of the stomach (under left ribs) low apetite

I took Omeprazole for a few months to heal the damage
What helped me a lot was to keep flushing my stomach out with warm (not hot) water

Pinching under the right ribs going round to the back can be gallbladder along with bloating and nausea