View Full Version : HSP Henoich Scholen Purpura

Miss Meow11
07-07-2016, 09:21 PM
I have been diagnosed with HSP vasculitus since September 2015. I am 27 years old. At first I had the rash all over my legs, joint pain, swollen feet. Prednisone helped a bit. In November I had it in my gastro intestines, I was vomiting blood and had blood in my stools. Doctors have keep saying there is a hidden cause they can't find. From what I've read HSP goes away on its own over time. Every time I have blood in my urine or a complication they can't give me any help or reason. They tell me there is not a lot of information about HSP. This went on till February. I had a few month break than in May it came again. I'm constantly tired, joint pain, leg swelling, sore stomach, blood in the urine and rash. I feel like. In this alone and can't get answers or for it to go away. I am hoping for others experiences or insights as I feel helpless. From what I've read it is to run its course. Bit how many times will it come back? Can I be comfortable and not in pain?

03-07-2017, 10:07 AM
My husband has HSP, first from 2004-2009 and it just disappeared for 6 years. Now another active phase since 2016. purpura, joint pain and stiffness, now abdominal issues and blood in urine. Very worried