View Full Version : Enlarged submandibular lymph gland?

07-28-2016, 03:33 PM
Hello, so im really hoping someone here can help give me some advise because ive been freaking out for the past week. So a week ago i had a cold, it wasnt too bad or anything and wasnt anything out of the ordinary. Once i started feeling better though i noticed that one of my lymph nodes under my jaw on the left had enlarged to an alarming (to me) size. Ive never really gotten swollen lymph nodes before but this has been really scaring me due to what ive been finding on the internet. The gland is still quite large, around the size of a cherry cut in half. Is this something i need to get checked out? It has been this way for 5 days. i feel i should add that my cold symptoms are almost all the way gone except for a minor cough. Also the lymph node is no longer sore and it seems that the swelling might be starting to go down but im not sure and still freaking out about it. Im really sorry if this is nothing and im clogging up your forum but id at least like some sort of reconciliation, hopefully this isnt worth the panic attacks im having over it. If it helps, im a 21 year old male