View Full Version : Shower OCD?

08-09-2016, 05:19 PM
So I'm not sure if this is OCD related. That's why I'm here (:

So as long as I can remember I've had weird shower habits. There has to be a shower mat on the floor inside the shower. I can't stand on the bare shower floor. I can't touch the walls or shower curtain or other people's shower items (soap loofah etc).
If I do accidentally touch any of these things i have to rinse off the part of me that touched it ASAP. I rinse off all bottles/razors/loofahs before I use them.
If I shower with my boyfriend he can't kiss me until I'm done and dry. If his soap gets on me I have to rinse. He can touch certain places (hips, shoulders etc) but some places I just can't handle.

I think this all started as a kid. My mom wasn't great about cleaning her shower so I think this is where I got the "showers are nasty" idea in my head.

Hotel showers and showers at other peoples houses are out of the question. In my house I don't avoid showers. I actually enjoy them. As long as nothing interferes.

Any thoughts? I have no other OCD symptoms other than this shower issue.