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08-12-2016, 05:08 AM
I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year. Things started getting rough in July, the birth and death month of a girlfriend he had for over a decade. I was patient and loving. I lost my mom when I was 17 so I know about grief, although it's not exactly the same. July 28th was the first time I experienced his delusions. He's a self proclaimed functional drunk so I take the alcohol into account. He told me to hit him. He brought me a huge socket wrench, telling me to hit him. He then said he was scared and said I wanted to kill him. I never said anything like that. Later he accused me of hitting him, then changed it to slapping him. I've never hit anyone in my life... it happened again last night. He told me he felt like hitting me and he said I wanted to kill him. Throughout the night, in bed, he said don't kill me. Over and over. I told him I never said that and certainly didn't have any thoughts of killing him. He just kept saying it. I reached my breaking point around 5am. He'd kept turning on his phone and waking me up. He said don't kill me again and I snapped. I hit the bed down toward where my legs had been, far from him and I yelled to stop saying that. I left the bedroom and while on the couch he came out and asked why I hit him. I never did. There's NO talking to him when he's in this mode. I'm not proud of my explosion, but I can only take so much. On top of this he's highly critical, he's never wrong, I can't communicate with him. The best times are when he's patting himself on the back regarding work and I listen intently. I would leave pronto, but money is an issue. Not sure I can handle this though. This is a "weekend" for him and the drinking is nonstop. I also partake on my days off. Work days are good. I wonder if there's also an underlying illness. Depression?

08-12-2016, 01:45 PM
its time for you to move on......he won't get better and he could get a lot worse.....it doesn't matter what "label" he has....

Michael anema
08-18-2017, 02:14 PM
I went through this with a gf for 4 years and i got to see addiction up close and personal. The only reason i stayed with her is because i use to be an addict and i got clean so i thought i could help her stop...wrong!! It got so bad where she would hit me. I finally kicked her out but ended up taking her back when she said she had stopped. For a few months it was ok and then she relapsed so i kicked her out again. Well she got pregnant with my first child so i was so excited i let her come back. My daughter had cdh and we knew at 12 weeks. You have a 50/50 chance of your child making it through surgery and being normal. We decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. So i went and got a 2nd job so she could stay at home and have a healthy chance.
Well she hid from me drinking while she was pregnant and my daughter lost her battle 5 weeks after she was born. She made it through the surgeries ok. It was the drinking that killed my daughter.
I know you think you love this guy. Trust me get out while you can before he hurts you or vice versa or he hurts someone else. Trust me no good will come from staying with an alcoholic. Youll find someone who doesnt need a crutch and you dont need to baby sit them.