View Full Version : Need help understanding this MRI on my Cervical Spine....I'm lost

08-29-2016, 03:46 PM
CLINICAL HISTORY: Radiculopathy, cervical region. Neck pain,
numbness in arms. Motor vehicle accident 8 years ago

COMPARISON: 02/14/2010 cervical spine radiographs.

TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar noncontrast MRI cervical spine.

FINDINGS: No acute fracture, dislocation, or suspicious marrow
abnormality. There is mild reversed lordosis in the mid to lower
cervical spine suggesting muscle spasm. Prevertebral soft tissues are
normal. Visualized portions of the posterior fossa of the brain
appear normal.

C2-3: Normal.

C3-4: Minimal disc bulging with no significant stenosis.

C4-5: Minimal disc bulging with no significant stenosis.

C5-6: There is a moderate reduction height of the disc and there is
disc degeneration. There is moderate circumferential disc bulging
with right parasagittal asymmetric prominence. There is uncovertebral
hypertrophy bilaterally, worse on the right. There is complete
effacement of the ventral thecal sac, especially on the right where
there is mild to moderate indentation in the ventral aspect of the
spinal cord. No obvious cord edema. Mild bilateral neural foraminal

C6-7: Mild disc desiccation. Mild broad-based right parasagittal
disc protrusion, effacing the ventral thecal sac. No definite cord
compression. No significant neural foraminal narrowing.

C7-T1: Negative.

C5-6 and C6-7 disc bulging as outlined above, including flattening of
the ventral aspect of the spinal cord at C5-6, especially on the
right. Clinical correlation is recommended.