View Full Version : Loss and family troubles

08-31-2016, 11:24 PM
Hello, there have been two major family losses months apart. One of my siblings who I've always had a wonderful relationship with has been near impossible. We share a caregiver role to our other parent so our paths cross weekly. Anyhow, my sibling has said some very, very, very mean things to me, at times making up stuff that they can not substantiate. I never knew how judgemental this sibling could be or how hurtful. To me. I know it is grief yet I don't know how to continue on this emotional roller coaster, hearing hurtful and false comments. Today we did something we've never done. Had a huge blow out. In a sense it felt good to release my feelings yet not at all the direction I wanted to go in. This sibling has also said things about other family members that are not true. Again, I know it is the grief, yet how can I work through this? It is a constant roller coaster with them. I have worked very hard in grief counseling. I don't deserve or understand these constant attacks, some of which are so far out and truly mean. Thank you for any help.