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09-12-2016, 08:57 AM
I saw a message from a woman who is taking care of her mother (74) who can't eat and I want to say that there is hope. I have chronic gastritis and am on liquid probiotics and I've lost almost 20 lbs because I could eat anything. Everything would give me gas and on top of it all, I also have acid reflux. That's what the pantoprazole is for, the back washing of acid reflux (which I feel in the morning). I just spoke to an old friend. She's asian and in her 70's along with her aging husband. I've learned that both of them have gastritis and how they deal with it naturally is by ingesting arrowroot. It has to be naturally made, but I've tried it (I can't mix it with Rock Sugar because I hate sugar, and she said you can't mix it with salt because you get dehydrated). Well, I had some pea soup that my sister made (from scratch) and I mix it some arrowroot powder that I had. It came out lumpy, but I ate it anyway, mixed it with water. The next morning, I did not have that gnawing pain of gas. Yes, I still had some gas, but it felt almost normal. My friend said that she makes a soup of arrowroot and both she and her husband drink a bowl every other day. I'm a fan. So I am sharing with as many people as I can. Red Mills makes arrowroot for those who can't afford health store types. I hope this helps.