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09-19-2016, 06:02 PM
Hi all, I was wondering if my current symptoms can be the result of using PPIs. Several months ago I had intermittent sharp pains in my abdomen, so I went to see a doctor who prescribed a PPI. I took that for 2 weeks but then had another sharp pain in my stomach. The doctor put me on h pylori treatment with antibiotics for two weeks, and then I continued the PPI for another 2 weeks. During this time my stomach pain got worse, to the point where it was now a constant dull ache.

I went off the PPI for 3.5 weeks, and at first I thought I was feeling better but then I started to feel an ache again below my sternum. Ended up in the er when the pain got bad, and the doctor there put me back on a PPI, even though I told him it made me feel worse. In desperation though I went back on it, and my dose was raised to 40mg of pantoprazole twice a day. My symptoms during this time continued to deteriorate, with bloating, cramping, nonstop burping, and a continual ache in the middle of my upper abdomen. It's also really tender to the touch, and feels like it's brused.

I've had blood tests, urine tests, stool test, a ct scan, chest X-ray, endoscopy, and abdominal ultrasound. All tests were negative. I also did a breath test for h pylori, which was also negative. After my endoscopy came back clear, I went off of the PPI (14 days off so far). Since then my stomach pains have to continued to bother me, which regular spikes in pain throughout the day. At times its a burning pain, and this will typically dull to a constant ache. The ache never goes away, and it's there 24/7. The GI I'm seeing wants to diagnose me with functional dyspepsia. I'm currently taking 40mg of Amitriptyline and 600mg of Gabapentin.

I'm wondering if my symptoms are the result of acid rebound, and I never had any issues until I started using them.

Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

09-20-2016, 08:17 AM
I don't think you were on the PPI's long enough for it to be acid rebound.

Someone like me I've been on them for several years.