View Full Version : Scoliosis - the wrong choice

09-20-2016, 03:03 PM
Hi everyone, I just thought I'd introduce myself-
I have a double curved s shaped spine, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis aged 14 and wore a Milwaukee brace 23 hours a day until I was 18 then told to get on with it- I went on to have 3 beautiful children with little more than bad and I mean bad back and rib pain- they were full term and all born naturally the last pregnancy I was 30 - all was ok apart from the pain but it grew rapidly worse then aged 35 I was told if I didn't have my spine fused with a single rod I'd be disabled before I reached 40 - well I was also told there was only a 1% chance of failure- and it would maybe not get rid of all the pain but I could carry my children which I couldn't then and run and play with them also it would align my 'wonky lop sided 'body up- what would you do? So I had the op and it worked - for a while! After 6 weeks the rod 'fractured' I was told it would be ok the rod was fusing nicely to my spine then at 16 weeks post op the rod fractured again this time I was told it had failed totally - I am now 55 so severely disabled I use a crutch to walk and a disabled scooter in place of walking- I'm not telling you my story for sympathy I'm just telling you my story- I'm very lucky my children are all grown up I have a very caring partner who had to give up his work to care for me- I have really bad days when I'm unable do to get out of bed because of pain and because I literally can't but I also have days when I can with extra pillows play at my hobby -card making I have lovely friends who are used to me leaving the party half way through -and my dr has been wonderful giving me pain meds that work - ok that's me done --- sometimes no matter what they try surgeons can't always get it right I would've loved them to have got mine right but they dint and yes I went through the grieving but now I just get on with it - take care all - I'm a great listener even if I can't treat you 👍😀