View Full Version : Completely Lost

09-23-2016, 12:39 PM
So my story is much like those I have read along my insanely horrendous experience. But I feel like I am totally alone and maybe talking about it with like minded people who have been there.... might help. So... I have lead a pretty normal and healthy life.... one major issue in my teens with a liver tumor and nothing else since. All of a sudden in July 2015 I passed out cold in the factory I worked in. I was obviously transported to the hospital where they diagnosed me with heat exhaustion after I told them I had been having trouble with dizziness,nausea, diarrhea, and general confusion for several days. Aftet a week or so I started to get back to normal and returned to work. But the stomach issues never stopped. I lived with most of the issues without too many problems, until Dec 2015. I suddenly had to rush to the bathroom after eating so much as a cracker and glass of water. I was constantly nauseated, the mere thought of food made me sick, I was asked sooo many times why I didn't tell my friends I was expecting! That is just how bloated I was for weeks in end. For months they said I had a virus, or I was just dehydrated, or hpylory virus