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09-28-2016, 10:49 AM
Hello I am a 46 year old female and I have recently been dx with H Pylori. Current treatment is
Amoxicillin 500g x 2 twice daily.
Clarithromycin 500mg x 1 twice daily.
Lansprazole 15mg x1 twice daily.
My problems started about five years ago with heartburn , stomach pain and bloating, a gastroscopy dx gastritis and a weak pyloric valve. I was tested for H Pylori and it was negative at this time. I have been taking Lansprazole ever since for the gastritis.
I have had problems with large bowel polyps for roughly the same amount of time. They have been removed twice during colonoscopy.
I recently visited my GP because I was suffering chronic diarrhea for the last 6 weeks, with a pain behind my navel and a throbbing pain in my lower right stomach very low down. Stool sample dx H Pylori.
I know the antibiotics will take some time to clear the bacteria and the diarrhea has thankfully now stopped, but I'm concerned about the lower abdomen pain, its bad and has now started to wake me up through the night, the pain is throbbing. I appreciate any thoughts.

10-14-2016, 11:10 PM
hello I am 47 and I have recently experienced , constipation, stomach pains and heart burns . I got rid of the constipation but I still have stomach pains and heart burns. One of the first testing my doctor sent me to when I was second time in his office for continuing stomach pain was vaginal ultrasound, it will look at your uterus and ovaries. There is really no test for ovarian cancer unless you have a pain and go for ultrasound. If you have continuing lower pain get vaginal ultrasound and then CT scan. I am going for CT scan tomorrow. My stomach pain stop moving around and occasionally I feel like I have a ball in my stomach, but the bottom line is . I still do not feel ok. My heart burn is terrible. ( I have never had heart burn accept when I was pregnant)