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10-01-2016, 05:30 AM
Hi All,

I thought I'd ask some real people advice on a problem that me and my partner have ben encountering. Dr google is no good really!

So me and my partner for over a month have noticed considerable mucus in our stool. We feel fine in ourselves, occasional stomach discomfort but nothing I would consider 'abnormal' we went to Thailand in February and following that have had a very mixed and up and down diet, lots of takeaways and naughty foods. We've finally got on track the last week or so and symptoms do seem to be dying down, we went from very green/yellow mucus filled stool to now more normal brown with smaller amounts of muscus. So obviously diet is playing a role somewhere. I don't believe we have ibs and this is why I've been very reluctant to visit a doctor. We would get tested for various disorders and then when and if everything came back clean it would be ibs. So that makes me nervous, I have had anxiety since Thailand because of a particularly bad experience I had with regards to my bowls. I'm slowly getting better and less scared of not having access to a toilet. But I think being given the diagnosis of ibs would just send my anxiety into a vicious cycle. Plus what really are the chances of two people living in the same house eating the same food both have an ibs flare up at the exact same time. My question is really is it worth seeing a doctor as our symptoms are improving with better diet, and what can possible cause muscus outside the usually ibs, crohns etc.

Thank you for any help :)

10-02-2016, 04:41 PM
To me it sounds like a candida yeast infection if diet seems to be helping.
That's just my guess. I had candida yeast before and had mucus stools. Wife had it as well.
I took a product called candida cleanse and stayed away from all sugar for a month and it went away.
I'd honestly see a doctor about it and at least get the stool checked for things.