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10-10-2016, 03:46 PM
Hi all,

I have had a lump on the right side of my neck for two months now. It seems to vary in size, especially if I play with it, it varies from about 8mm in size to about 15mm or slightly more, when its bigger it seems to get flatter and not be so much of a bump, its soft and can move around but it sort of feels like it extends up into my jaw, its quite hard to tell, its on my neck just bellow my jawline.
About two months ago I start to have a slight bit of pain from my bottom back wisdom tooth on that side, had it x-rayed, that tooth at some stage had been infected as there was bone that had been dissolved away, so I was optimistic that the tooth was causing the swelling.
3 weeks ago I had that tooth pulled out (it was slightly impacted) and they had a hard time getting it out, had to remove bone and so on, once it was out I was told there was no current infection.

A couple of days ago I had an ultra sound done on my neck and the nurse said the node was only 5mm in size, that got me really confused as you can feel it and its a lot bigger than 5mm, so she scanned it again with me sitting up and she said actually it may be slightly smaller than 5mm. I can mark on my neck with a pen its shape and its sitting around 15mm.
So now im wondering if its not a lymp node but something ontop of the node? if that was the case shouldn't the ultrasound pick that up?

Whatever it is it doesn't seem to have much pain unless I play with it for a bit and then it starts to ache.

The other symptom I have is a seem to sweat a bit in the mornings, if I wake up from a dream, im hot and sticky, not drenched in sweat but a little moist.

So yes its still big and I plan on giving my tooth two more weeks to heal as its a little tender still and will go back to the doctor if its not gone down in size.

I am still rather puzzled to what it could be and why the ultrsound didn't show it?