View Full Version : can't focus on my school work...please help!

10-12-2016, 05:28 PM

I'll sum up my situation briefly:

Currently 24, attempting a full-time master's program in university.

My whole life I've been an A+ student, no problem, academics is where I excel.

Then for the past few years I've been dealing with various bouts of depression/eating disorder/anxiety/OCD.

I had to take a year off school during my undergrad on 2 occasions to get treatment, and things seemed to stabilize, and I am continuing to see therapists now.

My main issue at this very moment: my brain will NOT let me focus on my projects and getting my assignments done, it's so preoccupied with maintaining all my "rituals" and routines, which take up so much time and energy and I can't concentrate on getting the simplest of homework done. It's not a matter of comprehension, I KNOW how to be a student, I KNOW how to do essays and study, etc. But I'm having serious trouble prioritizing. EVERYTHING is screaming for my attention, all the minor things (planning what to wear tomorrow, what to eat for breakfast next Tuesday, what time to take a shower, etc, etc), and even though I desperately want to focus exclusively on my homework, nothing gives way, and I'm panicking, and freaking out over the same destructive pattern happening again, where I'm so engrossed in these stupid obsessions that I can't commit to my studies/work. And these are absolutely meaningless rituals, they don't have any logical explanation, I just have to repeat/do certain movements and actions until they "feel right", which is super vague but that's what it boils down to.

Experimenting with medication isn't really an option. I need immediate strategies to ease up the pressure at least a LITTLE for now, so I can get some homework done. Please, any suggestions are welcome. I try to repeat to myself over and over that it's no big deal to "skip" the routines, I try to talk to my family (with whom I live), but I just get irritated, and overwhelmed, and give up exasperated in a sobbing heap.