View Full Version : rotten feeling, what can it be?

10-17-2016, 02:21 PM

I have lots of symptoms but lately when I think of my lower stomach (belly button and below) I can only describe it as feeling rotten and it scares me. Do you get a funny feeling sometimes when you walk or carry something? Cause I do.
My symptoms started in early summer where I felt I couldn't swallow properly when I was lying in bed and just put it down to anxiety. Weeks later I started getting nausea and lots of burping. Weeks later, I missed a period and was sure I was pregnant but tests were negative. Then I started getting excruciating upper stomach pains that felt like an ulcer. Then more recently it's the lower stomach and pain when I walk for more than 10 min. Also I get very uncomfortably full when I eat (a little)
The doc took a test for h pleuris but I don't have that.
I'm due to have an endoscopy but waiting for a hospital date and I have a stomach scan and a internal pelvic exam in November but I want to try to make it sooner as I hate this rotten feeling in my stomach :/