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10-23-2016, 11:15 PM
This has never happened to me before so I started searching for other folks who might know what's happening.

About 5 days ago I was driving down the street, and passed some car on the left. The car was dirty, with something written on its door (the writing was inside the dirt). I didn't pay much thought to it, but in a few seconds I heard a horn sound a few times. I looked to the left and here was the driver of this car giving me the finger?? I was a little surprised. Why would some random idiot give a complete stranger a finger. This was probably the most bizzare situation that's happened to me in the last 33 years :) It's also a little funny.

The kicker is that I can't get this out of my head, likely because of how strange and bizzare the whole situation was. Also, likely because of the fact that I thought to myself "I need to remember this". This doesn't disrupt my daily life or distract me, but when I'm not thinking about anything, I keep thinking about this situation. Although, in the last couple of days, I don't think about any details, I kind of just a memory of the fact that this happened. And the funny thing is, when I remember the situation, I think to myself, when in the world am I going to finally forget this, which probably makes the situation worse (the forgetting part :) )

In any rate, aside from this sounding silly, I'm starting to think that I have OCD, because this have never happened to me before. I have some isolated random thoughts that come back to me once in awhile, but this has been haunting me for 5 days.

If you guys don't think this is silly, is this some type of OCD? I have had mental illness before, and have has depression and anxiety 2 years ago. I'm not longer on SSRIs, but think that my mind has to be more susceptible or fragile than an average mind that can block these things out?

10-24-2016, 11:18 AM
So, let me get this straight.....the driver of the car with writing you were looking at gave you the finger? He was probably saying in gesture "HEY, what are you lookin at?"
Some people are just outright not thinking straight in the moment, and maybe he was ticked at what was written on his car and you were handy because you were looking at it too long?

It's probably resurfacing because it was bizarre to you and you were innocent in receiving the gesture.
And now the thought has morphed into you worrying you have OCD.....so, you're stuck in a cycle that the worry and fear is taking over.
Its easy to do that with bizarre events.....normal. Your over worry is the issue that's become the obsession, and the compulsion is to believe its a bad thing. Its like a bad song or jingle that wont stop when the mind is idle.... the frustration of it causes emotions and thoughts that fuel the cycle.

You can try just laughing at the thought when it resurfaces and see if that helps. You wont stop the thoughts if you are wondering when it will end. Allow yourself to think about it, change your response to it and stop the obsession of when it will end. It's legit in the bizarre aspects. Share it with your friends so you all have a good chuckle. Maybe they'll have the same to share in the bizarre.

By the way, what did it say on the car?


10-24-2016, 11:33 AM
Quincy, yes this is what happened. :)

And I think you are right. The bizzare nature of this event is what is not allowing it to escape from my memory, or at least, shift it to the Long Term Memory from the Short Term.

What did it say on the car? Probably something like "This asswipe flicks you off if you look at him" :) In reality, I have no idea. It was a very brief look - you know how people normally just look at you when you pull up next to them? :) I didn't pay attention. I wonder thou, because I, personally, have a very keen awareness of right and wrong, as well as moral and immoral. if this is something that made me (as you said before) remember this. Because, something was done to me, which I did not deserve. And I would not say that I "worry" about this. It's just that this stupid incident just won't leave my mind :) I wonder if I need to go on SSRIs again to "relax" and let this go.

10-24-2016, 12:28 PM
So, the statement was true as written on the car.....he flipped the bird, so to say, after you looked. Fact proven. And since you don't know his issues, i would sincerely doubt seeking him out would be in your best interests except to realise it's bad decision making.

Only you know if SSRI meds are needed for you. I'm on effexor xr, 75mg, but I still get hung up on some events. Talking about it to others helps put it into perspective. Therapy was certainly a good thing for me.....have you done any in the past?

I understand the right, wrong, moral, immoral part......I joke to say that my super-ego is out of whack sometimes.

We won't know people's thoughts or reasons for doing things, and that guy seems to maybe not fit into a category which you don't have a file for. My spidey senses would kick in and avoidance would be the best regarding people like that, for my tendency would be to have a reaction of some kind possibly getting me into a situation that would more than likely be regretful, sigh..

What ssri were you on in the past?


10-25-2016, 12:22 PM
Hey Quincy.

Apologies, I thought it was clear from my writing that I could not make out the writing on the guy's car, and that I simply made a joke about what was written in it. :) I also made a joke about searching for him to kick his butt. Obviously, I would not do this.

I have previously taken Lexapro and Later Pristiq. Both seemed to help with depression. What I'm thinking is that because of certain stress factors in my life, I'm becoming to susceptible to reacting to these types of occurrences, and they remain in my brain for a little while. I think this could be oncoming episode of depression.

Although I decided to battle it with the daily gym visits now, and postpone taking the SSRIs until absolutely necessary. I watched a number of videos where they say that exercise is extremely effective in battling depression and making you feel better.

By the way, have you tried exercising together with Effexor?

10-26-2016, 10:02 AM
Exercise isn't my thing, and a gym would be the last place that would give me any comfort, ugh.....My motivation and yours are opposite. Lol. Although, with my recent hip issues, mild exercise will be helpful....so I suspect I'll feel better by doing it if it helps strengthen my legs, back and tummy, and eases some of the pain. The worry of my future obvious replacements wont happen for a while....so best use the time now wisely to prepare. (I have many health issues..mostly inherited...and its been a lifetime of crapola)

Thoughts stuck in the brain like you're experiencing seem more anxiety because of the worry that it's going to be depression I think.
The anxiety and depression for me are pretty much black and white, plus depression is like an antidote for anxiety. Today's not a good day since its very dark and gloomy and raining AGAIN. This summer, we never got more than three days in a row of sun...most times just one and then gloomy, humid and/or rain. Even the sunny days were extremely high humidity.....not weather I do well in. The grey days are like sensory deprivation to me. Fortunately, being aware of it is better than not.....i wait it out for a bit, and move on with my day. I don't ignore how I feel....better than being agitated and worried with no awareness. I've started using the goLITE again , and it helps.

If you haven't been in therapy or counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy, consider it. And antidepressants used in low dosage can make a world of differance. Exercise isnt a replacement if one white knuckles through everything trying to avoid the inevitible until its so bad. I have a saying......don't keep raising the bar for tolerance and lowering it for acceptance if it's ruling your life. Subjective, however....we all do it for many things that don't affect us much.

Regarding meds....i tried celexa and slept for a week; paxil and was zoned out with an unrelenting headache for a week; welbutrin i had body and head zaps and felt like crap for 2 days. The effexor xr had me feel normal again. I have to say that the generics aren't created equally, which I noted when my pharmacy gave me another one (took about a month to see my mood was starting to change after using it)...so I now use the name brand ($$$..yeesh) without any problems.

Re the pristique vs celexa....did you notice a difference in how you felt?

Let us know how you are doing.....


10-26-2016, 11:00 PM
Hi Quincy.

It's raining here for the last couple of days as well. I try to get out as much as possible, but with this type of weather you really don't want to do much.

For me it was Lexapro and Pristiq. If you take a look at Pristiq ingredients, it actually seems very close to Effexor, as Pristiq is also an SNRI. I took Lexapro when I got depression first a few years ago. Lexepro seemed to help really well, and I didn't see any side effects whatsoever. I didn't have headaches, upset stommachs, dizziness, or anything else. Lexapro seemed to work pretty well. About 8 months after stopping Lexapro, there was a fire in my building, and I had to deal with insurance to find a new apartment, move, etc. This event triggered something, and made me feel really down. I don't know if it was depression per se, but I felt symptoms, of anxiety, so I went to a Psychiatrist, and she put me on Pristiq. The one side effect I felt with Pristiq was ED. A few months after I got off the drug, ED went away.

Altogether if I hed to back on antidepressants again, I would likely choode Lexapro again, since it didn't seem to come with side effects. Although it's also very possible that it might have caused ED too, I wouldn't know. The depression itself killed the sexual drive anyways. :)

Regarding anxiety + depression, the first time they came together for me. I was put on SSRI + benzodiazepines (Xanax). They came together and stuck together for awhile.

I think Gym is a very potent way to control anxiety and depression. In fact, according to all information I have read, simply 30 minutes of moderate exercise ( a brink walk or a jog) 5 times a week have been says to positively affect people's mental state (not even talking about waist line :) they say Endorphins are made by the brain while you are working out, and those hormones make you feel good.

10-27-2016, 10:53 AM
Yes...some people do well wih exercise, and not when they don't.....then get anxious and worry about getting depressed. Once we have it, it's a cycle....subjective.

Hope whatever you choose works for you.....ive been at this a long time, and the knowing surely helps the mental chaos.

Sunny here today....nice change.