View Full Version : Barrett osophagus, hiatus hernia and Nexium

11-08-2016, 01:53 AM
My partners has been diagnosed with Barrett's and hiatus hernia. He initally had severe ulcers and was on 40mg on Nexium to heal. Once healed, biopsy were performed to rule out dysplasia, we are waiting for the results.
My concern is he was told he needs to be on 40mg Nexium for life. Reading the side effects are a great concern.
I have been reading a lot about digestive enzymes and probiotics. Are they a successful natural alternative to Nexium?
Does anyone know if you can be on a lower dose of Nexium as well as digestive enzymes.
He eats well and knows what foods to avoid, however he knows he can't avoid the medication if that's what the dr has prescribed for his Barrett's.
I welcome any information on natural options.