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11-12-2016, 04:03 PM
Hello! My 7 year old daughter recently had a biopsy of a lymph node in her neck. They have run a long list of blood tests and scans and the conclusions they came to is that they needed to biopsy it. The surgeon told us that the node looked abnormal and had yellow spots on it. Has anybody heard this before? Im going crazy thinking about it. Any helped would be appreciated thank you :)

11-21-2016, 01:44 AM
HI Rebecca,
There are over 30 different sub-types of lymphoma and can be very tricky to diagnose properly. Doctors recommend that you have a 2nd opinion of the biopsy sent to a second independent lab. That's the first thing my Dr. did. Because he too felt for sure it looked malignant but the 1st lab said differently. The 2nd lab said it was "Atypical follicular hyperplasia" and I was sent to a disease specialtist that ran some blood tests and I never went back. this was a long time ago. back in 1996? I can't recall the date.
My body seems to grow atypical things but never a malignancy.. My older brother had hodgkins lymphoma and his was on his collar bone, mine was on my neck where the carotid artery runs along with the chain of lymphnodes.

The pathologist that looked at mine explained in detail too what it looked like.

Did you ever get more results on your daughters biopsy.. I can understand what you're going through during this horrible waiting period.
having an answer is better than NO answer, so I hope you got to the bottom of it.
hope you come back to let us know the outcome.
My prayers go to your daughter and family that theres nothing wrong.